San Jose Medical Marijuana Doctor

Since 2003, California has approved of the use of marijuana for the treatment of certain medical conditions. It was the first state in America to do so, and since then some 24 states have followed suite. Surprisingly, these are the states, among others, who have legalised recreational marijuana: Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington. And at San Jose 420 Doctor in California, there are medical rooms where one can get a Medical Marijuana Card and from thereon, you can collect your medicine and make use of it to treat your illness.

Who can get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Laws have been passed that only allow for certain medical conditions to be treated with medical marijuana to ease the pain. These include:

1. Cancer Pain & Nausea
2. AIDS or HIV Pain & Nausea
3. Glaucoma
4. Cachexia, Anorexia Nervosa or wasting sickness
5. Multiple Sclerosis
6. Joint Inflammation
7. Mind Injuries resulting from a Stroke
8. Migraines

When any of these illnesses are present, people can get a MMC at San Jose 420 Doctor. As long as the doctor has written you a letter stating you need cannabis for your medical condition, then you can get it dispensed at this practice in San Jose 420 Doctor. Compared to anti-nausea pills, over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatories, this medical marijuana does not have any lasting or unpleasant side effects. That is what makes it so popular with the patients. Often the pain killers can make you constipated or make you sleepy, which means you cannot drive or you feel uncomfortable. And anti-inflammatory medication always has to be taken only after you have eaten. So not only do you have the actual pain of the illness, you also have to deal with these debilitating side effects that make you unable to carry on with your normal life. With medical marijuana, it is so much easier to simply use it any time you wish. And smoking it brings the quickest relief.

How to get Your Own Medical Marijuana Card (MMC)

At the doctor’s address, San Jose 420 Doctor, the procedure to get a MMC is quite simple. It is easier than opening a bank account. “Presently, within the California state, users of Medical Marijuana who possess a valid Doctors recommendation could grow and even possess as much marijuana as they wish, as long as that it is strictly for personal use.” ( in California)

In most cases, medical marijuana is prescribed for the relief of severe pain resulting mainly from cancer, and nausea or vomiting following bouts of chemo therapy. On the whole, a lot of success is recorded with the use of this marijuana as it is prescribed. If also helps the medical profession feel a bit more confident in that they have another avenue they can pursue to find relief for the patient.
The easiest way to get your own MM card is to make sure that the doctor treating you has a license to practice with legalized marijuana. By asking neighbors and chatting to people, you will soon find out who is a legitimate MM doctor or not. If you come to San Jose 420 Doctor, you can feel grateful that you are with a licensed MM practitioner. You have to have a licensed MM dispensary and that is what we have at San Jose 420 Doctor. As long as the doctor is registered on the State cannabis license list, you are at the right place. You do not even need your social security number. Just your proof of address and your referral from a doctor that you can use cannabis and at San Hose 420 Doctor can sort you out in no time.

Can Medical Marijuana provide instant relief from certain Illness attacks?

Some types of pain-killers caller Opioids can become highly addictive after you have been taking them for a month or so, and soon you begin to need one simply to get through the day instead of to actually kill the pain. Medical marijuana dispensed from San Jose 420 Doctor eases and stops this addiction because it does not have the same addictive quality. The use of such dangerous pills which have long term side effects and also can cause abdominal discomfort as well as dependency. If you suffer from neck or back pain and discomfort, MM is highly effective in relieving this constant pain and helps to relax your muscles.

MM is particularly effective in relieving ongoing problems of gastritis. Most allopathic medicines do not give much solace from the distress and hardship associated with gastritis, whereas smoking some cannabis provides instant relief as your abdominal muscles contract and relax leaving you feeling normal again. Any gastritis attack can be banished with a few puffs of cannabis.

A very widespread problem that MM can help is the wide spread female discomfort called PMS (Pre Menstrual Stress) that happens to women every month. This is felt is severe abdominal cramps, headaches and huge irritability. MM has had great success treating this although it would only be able to be taken by women over 18 years of age. Maybe in severe cases, they would make an exception – one can try.

Another area in which MM has been extremely successful is in the field of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This can occur to an adult or a child after witnessing a car wreck, or a murder or having a terrible illness and then recovering or seeing anything particularly distressing to them. Being treated with cannabis relieves the symptoms of stress and confusion and helps them to relax and return to a more comfortable state of mind.

How do I take the Medical Marijuana (MM)? Do I have to Smoke it?

Luckily for everybody, the MM can be dispensed in any form. If you are already a smoker, you can smoke it, although smoking it is not highly recommended to help with illness. You also cannot just go out onto the street and buy some and expect that to work either. The texture is not the same, the strain is not the same, and so the effect is not the same. The growers of MM have it fine-tuned down to an art – they know the correct dosage, the correct color it should be, and the correct form it should take to match the illness. Come and get your MM at San Jose 420 Doctor to be on the right side of the law and to make sure you take the exact amount you are supposed to take. You will have been prescribed the topical cream, liquid drops, an inhaler or certain cooked foods infused with the marijuana. Now, when you collect your MM with your MMC, you will get it in the correct format. The doctor knows exactly how to dispense and measure your dosage, and how you should take it and how often you should take it – do not follow your own schedule, follow what the doctor tells you. He will dispense it with the least amount of fuss and with the least number of disagreeable side-effects.


If you do not go to a licensed doctor you are at risk of getting seriously ill bby taking the wrong strain, dose and format of the marijuana. The Medical Board says that marijuana bought on the street is “….. The equivalent of buying penicillin at a flea market,” contends Ivor Grant, MD, chair of the department of psychiatry at the University Of California San Diego School Of Medicine (
What is important to remember is that marijuana can help with lots of these diseases, but as with all substances that are medical, they need to be taken with caution and great care. Never self- medicate as that is a recipe for disaster. Remember that cannabis has a large array of clinical uses and as such needs to be used in a proper medical, clinical manner.